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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  August 5, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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jose barrajas to custody. he's wanted for a drive by shooting that left a woman dead. noelle walker is in hollister tonight, any leads on the arrest. >> reporter: holister has a tough exterior, if there's a name everybody knows your name, hollister is. today one name brings sadness, the it's ariana. a name that once brought joy. adriana martinez was on the dance team with cendejas. she was a cashier at the local k mart with dreams of receivabling -- serving her country in the military one day. it happened at an unassuming residential intersection that now stands out with a makeshift memorial of candles, notes and flowers as fresh as the pain her killing has caused. >> it is not hollister being
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like that. >> reporter: david gutierrez says his cousin was driving the car when cendejas was shot. >> i feel so sorry for the family. i think what happened the other day is terrible. i don't know how to express my sorrow for them. it's not only me, but everybody in the community. >> reporter: police put out the search for barrajas and torrez who was with barrajas. she may be a second victim held against her will. florez' mother sobbed saying her daughter had recently ended an abusive relationship with the suspect. >> i love you honey. please be strong. we're waiting for your return. i know god will bring you back. >> reporter: while one family waits for a return, another family knows their daughter will not return. and a police chief makes it his mission to bring a suspect home. >> there's no place that i won't go or we won't go to find this person and get him into custody so we can bring a little bit of justice and a
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little bit of closure for the family. >> here is one more look at jose barrajas. the man suspected of shooting and killing 19-year-old ariana cendejas. he's believed to be with vanessa florez there on the right. anyone with information about them should call the police. summer rain is cropping up around the bay area tonight. you can see there some green on the radar right now. ktvu's rosemary orozco is tracking the rain. how is it looking now. >> reporter: light rain and into tomorrow morning when we finally see this moisture moving out. take a look over the north bay. we had it a little more widespread earlier on but it has tapered off some. we have some rain perhaps falling over areas like oxidental, santa rosa. a very light very drizzly in nature. into san francisco a little bit of drizzle over folks trying to
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get home this afternoon. any where from the richmond district to the sunset district over to the bay view district. as we get into the evening hours the scattered showers will continue. i'll take a look at futurecast model show you when the suspect finally be will out of here and we'll take a look at your numbers as we get into the week ahead. back to you. >> rosemary, thank you. download our ktvu weather app. you can download it to any smart phone or tablet. a woman who has tried to breach airport security finally made it on to a plane last night. hartman managed to get on board to a plane to los angeles. she was taken into custody at l.a.x. she says she has cancer and wants to go to hawaii. in a statement the airline said upon arrival in los angeles, a southwest employee became aware of the unticketed passenger and immediately notified the local authorities. a roadside worker was killed today when a driver
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veered out of control on highway 101. it happenedded on the peninsula at the marsh road exit in redwood city. the man was part of a roadside clean up crew. a second worker was also hurt. both are part of the job train programming. the executive director told ktvu they are providing support for the victim's coworkers. >> it's been a terrible day for us here. for our staff and for our caltrans crews especial little and for all the people working with them and we're really devastated by this loss. >> reporter: the director says that they've cancelled tomorrow's shift so that the crew can meet with counselors at the office. tom vacar is at the scene of that crash now with more on what happened and the investigation. tom-- >> reporter: wait until you hear these numbers frank, becoming too common in california. just past 11:00 this morning, a woman driving a black mercedes
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veered off highway 101, plowed into a crew. the violent collision killed one man and injured another who along with the injured female driver were taken to stanford hospital for treatment. the details were so sketchy and the crime scene so complex, arriving officers called for special help. >> a lot of times we rely on the may team. they're based out of vallejo. so in this case they're in rout. >> reporter: that takes a lot of time. >> in the meantime we have to keep the area closed and unfortunately traffic does get jammed a little bit. we do hope that the public will understand. >> reporter: since this was a fatality and a potential criminal prosecution might ensue, impartial details are crucial. >> we just come out, we're not biased so we just come out and try to put the accident
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together. >> reporter: according to contractors half of highway contractors report that they've had cars crash into their work site. >> when you see emergency vehicles on the side of the road, pull one lane over or at least try to slow down. >> reporter: the clean up now pretty much done. but the investigation which moves from here to the lab and all the way to the courtroom goes on. reporting live, tom vacar, ktvu. in walnut creek tonight a walnut crash blocked several lanes of traffic and sent the driver to have the hospital. the roll over happened around 11:25 this morning when the driver changed lanes on the southbound side. officers say the waste management truck hit a pickup truck and then crashed through the center divide and ended up
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on its side on both side of the freeway. three southbound lanes and two northbound lanes were blocked. the other driver suffered minor injuries, the lanes were cleaned up by mid-afternoon. people who live in a san leandro apartment complex where a young girl was assaulted are now looking at what an attacker might look like. an african american man about 5'7" tall with tattoos on his arms. police say an elementary school aged girl told investigators she was sexually assaulted saturday afternoon on the public bathroom. investigators and residents say there were measures in place but say the complex have hundreds of unit. >> you - - units. >> you have to have a key to get in there so it makes me think that it's someone who actually lives here. how did he get in there if he didn't have a key. it's kind of scary. >> reporter: police are looking
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at the possibility that the man borrowed a key. we learned there's an outstanding warrant for arrest for timothy lambrant after he violated probation for failing to appear in court. lybranda also has been on probation. he's been missing ever since. investigators are speculating that he may have faked his own death. in the meantime the salvage team is working to pull the boat to shore. >> it's filled with fuel which makes it difficult. >> there are no plans to resume the search. supervisors are moving forward with an idea to house
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immigrant children with local host families as those children under go the legal process to immigrate into america. it's an issue that sparked a lot of debate at today's board meeting. azenith smith was there. azenith you spoke to a man who knows firsthand what those detention centers are like. >> reporter: ruiz is 28, when he was eight he says he spent time in the detention center. that's why he supports a plan, a plan that's already drawing a lot of criticism. >> how they're going to treat them while they're waiting. >> reporter: ruiz was brought to the united states at the age of 4 illegally from mexico. he was detained in a detention center in arizona. >> it's crowded, there's just, it's just a waiting game when you're in there. >> reporter: it was difficult for him so he says he can only imagine what it's like for young children alone. he showed us a picture of what he says are their living conditions. >> when you look at the face at
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that moment it's just a face of hopelessness, lost. they don't know, they don't know you know what's happening. >> reporter: that's why he's happy the santa clara board of supervisors voted to explore housing roughly 60 immigrant children with local families. as they under go the legal process. it's a program that's not going to happen overnight as the board still need to figure out how to recruit families and select the children. but it's already drawing a lot of critics. >> this is a slap in the face to those who did come to our country legally. >> we're talking about 57,000 children right now. and although you say that we're only talking about a few here to be hosted here in santa clara county, it's a few now. are you going to say that we're only going to host those that are in the county now. >> reporter: as for those critics, ruiz says that he supporting paying for these immigrant children to be placed in a home. >> at the end of the day, people saying that's tax money. they're being detained it's still tax money. >> reporter: ruiz lives in san jose and now works for a
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manufacturing company. he is now protected under president obama's deferred action policy. live in san jose, azenith smith, ktvu channel 2 tuesday. the city council today voted against putting two separate sales tax measures on the november ballot. both applied for a quarter tax increase for general city services. the other would have specifically dedicated that money for public safety. there were nine not guilty pleas today by suspected drug dealers arrested in san mateo county yesterday. the men unloaded $23 million worth of marijuana from a boat at ano nuevo state park in pescadero then loaded them into two vans before agents stopped them. the men had 190 bails of marijuana. the men brought the marijuana in from mexico. three of the suspects live in
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san jose they are all behind bars tonight on a million dollars bail. he's a suspected bank robber and now a suspect in a string of home break-ins. >> i see him clear as day. he either didn't realize we had cameras or just didn't care. the surprising details we've uncovered about the alleged thief police are searching for. >> the family of a cal football player is suing the university. saying cal coaches should have known that tad agu was in trouble and could have prevented his death. the connection they're making to another football player's death as proof.
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tonight two investigates uncovers surprising details about a man wanted in a string of burglaries in the east bay. it turns out the prime suspect is a college graduate and a sales man for a local software
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company with a respectable resume. ktvu dug deeper into this prime suspect which includes bank robbery. >> reporter: the owner of this house in alamo says he bought security cameras for a moment just like this. >> i see him clear as day. he either didn't realize we had cameras or just didn't care. >> reporter: today the homeowner pat told us there's even more video showing the burglar making off with $12,000 worth of property. >> he took one of our laundry baskets we say well there goes my wife's jewelry. we see a towel, well there goes the sterling silver. the tv, there goes the tv. >> reporter: now identified by detectives as 29-year-old kyle fashion of walnut creek. he may not look like a white collar criminal. but he's an account executive with a high tech -- high tech
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firm. once they posted this surveillance video to facebook tips started pouring in. >> we've had about 8,000 views on that. our you tube channel about 5,000 views. it went out to 6,000 people through twitter. >> reporter: two investigates discovered it's not fashion's first run in with the law. police caught him red handed during a bank robbery in south lake tahoe in 2011. investigators in that case say police spotted fashion entering the bank wearing sunglasses, rubber gloves and carrying a duffel bag. the only problem he apparently left his keys in the car and officers arrested him when he came out to make his get away. authorities said fashion had $5,000, a handgun and prescription drugs. he pleaded guilty and served only about six months in jail. court records show fashion violated probation last year trying to steal merchandise from a safeway. it has some wondering how he ended up on this porch in alamo. >> how is he out already and
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so, so without care or worry that he's you know, burglarizing houses in the middle of the day. >> reporter: eric rasmussen. the owner of a store say it is fbi is investigating vandalism in the store which is apparently the work of animal activists. someone broke two windows at star grocery on clairmont avenue early in the morning on july 27th. at first the owner thought it was a random act of burglary. but police informed the owner that someone posted pictures on bite back. the store is apparently upset that the store sells meat. the family of a cal football player filed a lawsuit and released new details today in the man's death. they filed a lawsuit against
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the cal regents. >> unfortunately ted lost his life due to the lack of supervision and training by the cal medical and athletic staff. >> that attorney said agu's training is overseeing another player at the university of central florida six years ago when that athlete also suddenly died. uc berkeley's department of inner collegiate athletics released a statement saying, that as the alameda coroner reported that his death was hypertrophic cardiomyopathy which suggests there was little anyone could have done to save him. the highway patrol is investigating whether caltrans managers retaliated against engineers who discovered faulty wells. caltrans denies any wrong doing
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and says it has cooperated with the investigation 100%. >> and i'm very anxious and eager to say what findings and recommendations they come out with after that investigation and we're committed to reacting appropriately to any information they bring to light. >> the chronicle reports the chp investigation could be completed by the end of the month. outside our doors isolated showers are still falling over parts of the bay area. in some areas it's been enough to add up. take a look at some of these numbers. martinez picked up .12 of an inch of rain. concord picked up .09. napa .07. this is where the rain has been favoring other parts of the bay area all day long. in and around santa rosa perhaps a little bit of
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drizzle. up near clover dale, a few light scattered showers falling. we have watched this pretty much for the last couple of hours. hasn't budged very much. areas near the sunset district into daly city crossing over to the bay view trick. highway101 maybe 280 maybe crossing over the bay bridge. let's cross over the bay bridge and look into the east bay where we have alameda with a few sprinkles perhaps. a little bit of rain. if you're going to watch the a's maybe bring the waterproof jacket. i don't think you'll see a lot, maybe an isolated shower is a possibility. take a look as we pull it back and put it into motion you can see how it's moving its way from north to south. and it has to do with the position of the low. still over right over central california. it's going to be working it's way a little close tore monterey over the next several hours. it is shifting south as it does it's going to continue to move the moisture into our
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direction. as we get into the evening hours, notice a whole lot of cloud cover. don't see a whole lot of rain popping up. as we wake up tomorrow morning. just like this morning, i think we're going to see patchy drizzle, a few light scattered showers, stopping here for noontime tomorrow. maybe over the diablo range. as we get into the afternoon it's pulling out of here. there will be thunderstorms a possibility once again for the sierra tomorrow. for us we're drying it out. 80degrees in antioch, 61 for san francisco. as we get into tomorrow morning, it's going to be a lot like what we had this morning with upper 50ss to low 60s in the forecast. afternoon highs for tomorrow. 78 for san rafael. 76 for oakland. far inland east bay. 88 for morgan hill. the extended forecast here with your weekend always in view, we're drying it out. we're warming it up and we don't budge a whole lot as we get into your bay area weekend. upper 80s, low 90s for our inland communities. >> closer to where we should be. >> yes. giants in milwaukee
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battling with the brewers. >> and in santa clara the niners unveil their tribute to the players from the past. -- tribute to the stars from the past.
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ibanez is here. >> i know you haven't heard the score, i come out here and she's all depressed. keep the faith, it's still early. avenue -- after having such a great weekend, but these are the brewers. to carlos gomez with two outs in that third inning. man on. his 16th of the year. and it is 2-0 brewers now in the 5th inning. giants trailing but still plenty of time. you know with each passing day we get closer to the first real game at the new levi stadium and seems like every day just a little bit more unveiled to the public like the 20,000 square foot museum featuring the debartlo senior hall of fame complete with incredible life like full body statutes. open to the public on august 8. team president morate asked
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about the players reaction when some of them got to see these statutes. >> i'm to tears, i'm just you know they come in here and on this bench of player bench right here just sit and in awe. most of the guys they got to pick what pose they wanted. so 20, 25 pictures that were sort of signature poses or signature moments in their careers. and each of the guys picked the ones they wanted made. >> i can tell you 49er fans you're going to love that. meanwhile this is not a gimmick this is not some kind of trick or anything. but the nba has made a great breakthrough as a matter of fact. great story to report. san antonio spurs have hired a 16 year wnba veteran. will be the first female
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assistant in the nba. wants to be a head coach one day. and pop being a part of that. >> that's awesome. i always tell my girls they can do anything guys can. and this is a great story. and the questions that it's raising about airport security. that's tonight at 10:00. >> we're all here for you on, facebook and twitter, thanks for joining us. see you at 10:00. no rush, andy.
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